It's year 2002 - a record of 400.000th visitor in local ZOO will be broken this year in Olomouc, enormous floods will soon devastate Prague, the coast of Falkland Islands will be covered with thousands of dead pinguins Pygoscelis papua (Forster) and Bill Gates is about to visit India to invest millions to fight against HIV and Linux...

As a come-day-go-day student of Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University in Brno I'm passionately volunteering as a public budget "donator" and with a vision of easy money I'm comfortably fitting in Internet community.

Initial temporary collaboratin with the Ambrozy Design company got extended and gave a birth to couple of successful projects (see references). Sweet student life is lined with more-or-less successful projects (Master Thesis included) which formed me into my present shape.

Every year repeating March martyrium (time for a tax declaration) when man has to open his hand and show the cards, convinced me to close the business and continue working as an employee. Presently I'm still marginally collaborating with the Ambrozy Design company, starting to work on projects for the Eversmile, s.r.o. company and moreover making my own projects.

From my very first contact with the Internet I became fond of functional websites instead of blinking and jingle playing presentations that still fascinate a lot of people. For that reason I enjoy more working on bigger projects (intranet IS, E-shops, tailored CRM/CMS and other interesting projects) which doesn't mean I can't ask my graphic designer friend to materialize your most internal thoughts :).

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